segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2014

The Begin!

I am basketball player and streetballer from Brazil.
My begin was in 1996, but when I got love for game was with my 15 years old.
With 15 year, i remember that after of school, did go to gym and practice many hours to improve my basketball.
I played in many teams near my city, and have some experiences in game, But my best experience was in 2010 Year, I was across of video contest, called me to Harlem Globetrotters Camp 2010 in my country(Brazil)I can learn so much with memorable coach Sweet Lou and Harlem Globetrotters players Blenda Rodriguez and Bucket Blake.
I did not win, i stayed fifth place, but I can learn so much about basketball drills, and more I can learn the way for the sucess. Why the way for the sucess? Simple because the only way to get your dream to come truth, is work hard in your basketball trying be better all day.
I received some proposals to play out of the country, to play basketball but none of them happened.
In one of them I was added to the rosters of the team, the name of the team was a Washington Raptor that was going to play in the American Basketball Association ABA and then they will transfer me to the team Seattle Zhen Gan.
The owner of the team Tim Joseph had some problems with the organization and I not went.
But I love basketball and while it will God gives me hope I will be running behind this dream of live the basketball

Thank you God
for all I Love you!

Basketball All day!

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